Grindr Conversations #1

I’ve been on Grindr pretty much since the beginning. Its either extremely boring or pretty crazy. People are much more apt to speak their minds through an app than in person. Below is a conversion I had a while back with an acquaintance I knew from a local bar. There was about another half page of back and forth but I’ll leave that part up to your imagination. Fantasy is always better than the real thing isn’t it?







Mammoth Cave Weekend

For the past 6 months or so I’ve been obsessed with wanting to visit Mammoth Cave National Park. So this past weekend H and I packed the car and headed out. Its only about an 8 hour drive so not too bad. We stayed one night in Bowling Green, KY and then headed to the park.



We ended up taking the Domes and Dripstones tour along with the Discovery tour which allowed one to enter at the historic entrance. I thought the cave was pretty interesting and the Domes and Dripstones tour a lot of fun. However, Mammoth Cave (or at least the part we saw,) isn’t the prettiest cave I’ve ever been to. A lot of the tour felt like one was walking through a walk quarry that happened to have a roof on it. But that was just one tour and they offer many as the cave is over 400 miles long.


After a day at the park we headed up to Louisville and stayed the night there. We were exhausted from the day so really didn’t do much there. The next morning I did a quick drive by at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory and then walked the Big Four Bridge.


By the time late afternoon rolled around we were back in KC. Was a nice quick trip and much needed time out of town.